‘I’ exist as a consequence of a heightened sensitivity, curiosity and awareness. These traits colour my memories, observations, experiences, feelings, contemplations, conversations, inspirations, dreams and the lies I tell myself.

The thoughts and ideas that I express visually and in writing are then a reflection of all that I am.

But inevitably, at times, I come across the literature and art of kindred, yet greater souls, whose more accomplished expressions serve at times as an openly acknowledged inspiration and comfort for my own.

And so, I must affirm that all else that I express is not deliberately or consciously imitated from the expressions of others, and that any unacknowledged similarities must be a due to the flame of sensitivity to the peculiarities of the human condition, that connect kindred spirits through the passages of time.

All of my creative expressions are highly personal in their attempt to self-reflexively explore and question my own life-world, and that too at a specific moment in time in my existence. And so, naturally, my feelings and ideas about things are never fixed – but in a state of flux, being revisited and always open to the potential to change, as a result of newer experiences, observations and more profound meditations and inspirations.

I also expect my expressions to be challenging, perplexing or disturbing for the thoroughly socially conditioned masses. If you do feel like this, keep in mind:

– A deeply innate sensitivity, curiosity and awareness of self, and the human condition, as well as the impulse, honesty and courage to question the unquestioned, ingrained and sacred, and be able to then confront all that which disturbs – is necessary to begin to engage with my Weltanschauung. It is more likely than not – as I have accepted is the case with the vast majority of men and women observed – that you find yourself lacking such traits, and then find yourself instinctively disinterested, rejecting or even antagonised by my material. I fully embrace and welcome these reactions, preferably in the spirit of ensuing introspection and self-dialogue.

-Not every moment or experience of mine or your constructed reality is supposed to be fully comprehended or provide an answer to myself or yourself. Actually, things that seem obscure, ambiguous or outlandish are supposed to be. If this induces a state of discomfort and frustration within us, it is a reflection of our unattainable need for crystal clear clarity in an existence that is actually filled with complexities, contradictions, mysteries and uncertainties. If something is destined to truly ‘make sense’, it is rarely from an instantaneous epiphany. Rather, the path to clarity is a cumbersome journey through our contemplations of ever-changing memories, experiences and inspirations over many years. And, even then, how can be we certain we have reached the end?

-My expressions are perhaps not going to be palatable to those academics, theoreticians and dogmatists – whose intellectual truths may be experientially and emotionally impotent and acquired solely from institutionalised and authoritarian knowledge sources, simply regurgitating the vocabulary and ideas of others, or bound by a slavish submission to conventional or accepted systems of thought.

‘Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again’

(Andre Gide)