After all, I only have my eyes

Le de ke apne paas faqat ek nazar hi to hai…

(Sahir Ludhianvi)

Sahir Painting

I generally try to avoid adding whole posts that are simply a lengthy duplication of what (little I have read of) other great thinkers, writers and artists. Obviously, this is not because I do not value their creations, and certainly not because of any delusions of grandeur where I believe my words are more significant – far, far from it!

I feel my simplistic and amateur writing has some value to myself. It is extremely personal and depicts my world at particular moments in time, as seen from my eyes. This space, like my other creative endeavours is a mingling of my memories, experiences, feelings, observations and dreams – my realities from the past, present and future.

However, once in a while, I come across literature, or an anecdote that I find so truthful that it connects with me on an emotional and even spiritual level. It speaks to my inner most self in such a way that I feel the words are the unspoken thoughts that I could not express due to my limited talents. It is those time, that I am compelled to share it and the feelings of longing and love that they arouse within me. Continue reading

Age and the Loss of Innocence

A beautiful, poignant piece of writing about how our childhood sense of innocence slips away from us.

Written by Jeff Coleman – a modern literary fantasy author.

Innocence of Youth

Innocence of Youth

There are those exceptional moments in life when you experience crystal clarity in thought and purpose, when all is as it should be, when all is right and good with the world. But those moments are rare, are few and far between, and they almost always occur when you’re young. As a child, you didn’t have time to formulate your own beliefs; instead, your world view hinged on the beliefs of others. The innocence of youth is a wonderful carefree time in which the mind and the heart are free from the burdens of autonomous thinking and responsibility.

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Art, only after a lifetime of experiences.


Maybe this happened, maybe it didn’t. Do the facts even matter, when the truth is so illuminating?

Legend has it that Pablo Picasso was sketching in the park when a brave woman approached him.

“Oh my — It’s Picasso, the great artist! Oh, would you be kind enough to sketch my portrait for me?”

Picasso agreed to sketch her. After studying her for a moment, he used a few pencil strokes to create her portrait in a few minutes. He handed the woman his work of art.

“It’s perfect!” she gushed.  “You managed to capture my essence with a few strokes, in such little time. Thank you! How much do I owe you?”

“That will be ten thousand dollars” Picasso replied.

The woman was floored.

“Ten thousand dollars! How can you want so much money for it? Why, it only took you a few minutes to draw this sketch!”

To which, Picasso replied, “No, madam. It took me thirty years of my life to be able to draw like that.”

The Youthful Dame of Indian Cinema – Zohra Sehgal (27 April 1912 – 10 July 2014)


“I don’t understand the hullabaloo about inner beauty. What actually brings out your beauty is the radiance of being content and you can only be content when you are employed in something you love”

(Zohra Sehgal)

Aishwariya Rai? Madhuri Dixit? You must be joking – I’m talking about the REAL dame of Indian cinema. Someone, who had more melodrama in her life than a 50’s tragedy queen. And if that’s not enough, she also was the owner of the cheekiest, yet sweetest smile to have graced the silver screen.

The one and only, Sahibzadi Zohra Begum Mumtaz-ullah Khan, better known by her screen name, Zohra Sehgal. Continue reading

You Are Alive…So Be Alive.

A great day to be alive

STOP moaning about that job that you hate, when so many around you are jobless. Have the courage to walk and do something you love, or to shut up.

STOP weeping over your wage, when so many around you are starving. Your greed and desires are endless so learn to be content.

STOP screaming at the rain, the snow or the heat, when so many around you lay dying and trapped in hospitals. Embrace the sensations of the seasons on your skin.

STOP squandering away precious time over your cars, your ipads and your remote controls.

Take a walk… Listen to the birdsong. Feel the breeze across your face. Smell the blossoming flowers.

You Are Alive…So Be Alive.

Sameer Ibrahim