When Life spoke to me

David with the Head of Goliath

David with the Head of Goliath (Caravaggio, 1610)

When Life Spoke to me.

Hey fool.

You think you own me

Like a piece of this earth which you can rape?


I won’t dance to your whims

Or pay heed to your commands

If only you knew.


I call the shots

I always have done

But it’s so much fun to watch delusion.


Reap what you sow?

Did you say you deserve better?

I’m not your whore.


I’ll tear at your flesh

And burn your blood till its black

Listen to your screeches ruin the peace of the night.


And when you least expect it

Lift you higher than the gods

Float with you and your pride.


But tomorrow

Maybe I’ll rip out your wings

And watch as you lament, memories of what you once had.


Don’t throw a tantrum now.

You can always build new dreams of dust

Gives me something to do.


A sadist, who me?

I’m just doing my job

I don’t discriminate, not I.


You can always awaken

Kiss the hand of your capricious master

Recognise that every atom of you is mine.


Submit to what I bestow upon you

Chaos and mystery

And the utter futility of it all

From the day I came to you till the day I desert you.


Everything you hate, you say

So be it, your plights no different to the rest

And little do you know

Through the eons before you and after

Your sorry tales already been told.


by Sameer Ibrahim

16thof July 2018