Truth Is A Mirror That Fell From The Hand Of God


A beautiful saying which filmmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf narrates in a book I have just finished reading (Conversations with Mohsen Makhmalbaf by Hamid Dabashi), reminded me of my own changing perceptions of truth(s).

“Truth is a mirror that fell from the hand of God. Each person picked up a piece of it, and, seeing his or her reflection decided was what they each held rather than realising that the truth had become fragmented amongst them all”


What a preposterous and dogmatic idea it is that possesses humans to proclaim that a chosen group of people possess dominion over one absolute truth.

Once upon a time in my blind youth, it too had given meaning and comfort to my naive mind. But now the sheer absurdity scares me, and I stare at those who claim this dominion over this one divine truth, yet stand estranged from their human brethren and walk alone in their misguided pomp.

The reality is that we live in world where each of us is shaped by our unique circumstances and subjective life experiences. We spend our lives dealing with the tribulations that arise within our worlds. Nobody can truly empathise with them, simply because nobody has experienced their unique subjective realities.

Nor can they provide the answers, or relieve us of them. But each of us will continue to struggle to make sense of the world we have been placed in.

Through this struggle we construct our own stories, search for, and live our own fragmented truths…