What I am

I began to recognise that the realities and memories that I had believed in for so long had been an apparition. They were nothing more than the work of delusion, deception and distraction.

As I tried to contain my fury at my naivety, waves of aliveness swept through me. A thousand souls began to speak inside of me, each whispering different secrets. I became convinced that I was a sage, an artist, a madman, all at once.

Oh what a gratifyingly agonising burden of destiny!

And just like the countless others before me, I began to secretly harbour dreams of immortality, where I would someday speak to those yet unborn. And yet, I knew. Deep down. That any labours of mine would ultimately be futile and quickly forgotten. My paltry existence was destined to end up as nothing more than a fleeting speck of dust in this mad, timeless universe.

Still, a mysterious force compelled me to sing. To do anything else was a travesty, an act of deceit…a transgression against my soul.

Had I been possessed by a blessing or a curse?

Only time would tell

The only thing that I could be certain of now, was that I had arrived on the path of no return.